广中医仙葫院区19日开业 从17日起至月底门诊诊查费将全免 ...:2021-7-19 · 7月19日,广西中医药大学第一附属医院仙葫院区举行开业庆典伒式。广西中医药大学第一附属医院仙葫院区位于广西南宁市仙葫经济开发区仙葫大道327号,地处南宁市东部核心地带,紧邻东方广场及仙葫经济开发区管委会,是仙葫开发区唯一医疗规划。

The European Commission has approved Alstom’s €6.2 billion acquisition of Bombardier’s rail equipment division, subject to a “once in a lifetime” divestment package according to counsel for Alstom.

Poland issues €48.2 million obstruction fine against Gazprom

Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has imposed its highest-ever fine on Gazprom for obstructing its Nord Stream 2 gun-jumping probe, but local competition lawyers expect the company to appeal.


Mexico sanctions medical services cartel

Mexico’s competition enforcer has fined seven diagnostic equipment makers and 14 employees a reported €23.9 million for rigging bids to provide the country’s national health service with lab studies and blood bank services.

  • CMA consults on lowering discount for RPM leniency applicants

    The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has proposed that companies that apply for leniency after it has opened a resale price maintenance investigation should only receive a 50% penalty discount.

  • China mulls probe into WeChat Pay and Alipay

    China’s antitrust enforcer is reportedly preparing an investigation into the country’s most widely used mobile payment platforms, following a complaint by the central bank.

  • Australia unveils pay-for-news law for Facebook and Google

    观一展而知天下新车 2021日内瓦车展前瞻_新车_汽车频道 ...:2021-2-4 · 国际五大车展,论参展车型的数量和质量应众日内瓦车展居首,1月北美车厂余热还没消退,3月日内瓦又要来一大波。就目前的情况看,本届日内瓦的重磅新车依旧规模宏大,具体有多少,自己往下看看表就知道了。


Overshadowed but not overlooked, Apple faces gatekeeper questions

Apple may not have attracted as much scrutiny as Amazon, Facebook and Google during last week’s Congressional hearing, but its chief executive was forced to defend the company against allegations it has abused its gatekeeper role to target rival app developers. 

  • Lawmakers confront Google’s dual role as player and referee
  • House antitrust committee turns findings on tech CEOs

There’s a theory of harm for that: The Tipline for 3 August 2024

Apple chief executive Tim Cook spent large chunks of Wednesday’s Congressional antitrust hearing watching like the rest of us. A tally from the New York Times found Cook faced at least 24 fewer questions than chief execs from Facebook, Google and Amazon. But there was plenty of love to go around during the almost six-hour hearing as lawmakers questioned the iPhone-maker's 30% commission rate and challenged the App Store’s rules as arbitrary and opaque. 

  • King of the Court: The Tipline for 31 July 2024
  • Zuckerberg saw Instagram as a competitive threat


Overpriced but underenforced?

Some sectors become synonymous with certain competition concerns: the construction industry has long been a breeding ground for cartels, the telecoms sector is carefully scrutinised for consolidation, and now the pharmaceutical market seems increasingly tied to the issue of excessive pricing. Yet, wary of overstepping into price regulation, few competition authorities have tried to tackle this final concern. Janith Aranze explores how and why enforcement has differed on both sides of the Atlantic – and if that is likely to change.

  • Healthcare on life support
  • Market definition in pharmaceutical markets


Hogan Lovells

  • EU Cartel Analysis: An introduction
  • EU Cartel Analysis: The Appeals


Mundt raises concerns over data access remedies

Requiring big technology companies to hand over or share data to remedy anticompetitive conduct could be hard to implement, the head of Germany’s antitrust enforcer has said.

  • PyTorch提速四倍!提高DALI利用率,创建基于CPU的Pipeline:PyTorch提速四倍!提高DALI利用率,创建基于CPU的Pipeline 大数据文摘 02-13 09:31 114 大数据文摘出品 来源: medium 编译: 赵吉克 在过去的几年里,深度 ...
  • EU competition official would consider merger ban


Freshfields set to launch in Silicon Valley

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer is set to open a new office in Silicon Valley with seven founding partners, including Brussels-based antitrust partner Alan Ryan. 

  • Snyder to leave Hong Kong enforcer
  • Brexit drives Van Bael & Bellis London move


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性能才是王道!五款流行高清播放器横评--IT频道:2021-4-29 · 大家好!这里是由CGTV和MTU联合举办的2021~2021年度最具实力高清播放器颁奖盛典,下面将时间交给我伔的主持人和五款由网友投票选出的候选高清播放器,有请当红时尚女主播——中S!

Economics in State Aid

Adina Claici and Elisa Pau

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  • 手机界的“望远镜”来了 重庆国美开启vivo X30系列新品预售-3C ...:2021-12-19 · 华龙网-新重庆客户端12月19日6时讯(通讯员 彭洁)12月16日,在桂林举办的新品发布会上,vivo正式推出旗下X系列首款5G手机vivo X30 Pro和vivo X30。国美也在当日宣布全渠道开启vivo X30系 …
  • 2021 Media Kit TimeOut 北京-杂志媒体数据-媒体资源网资讯频道:2021-5-8 · 网络广告尺寸Website Ad ----- 2021 Media Kit TimeOut 北京 新媒体广告价格Rate Card Online TimeOut北京网站网站 首页 Homepage尺寸Size H*W(Pixels)(Pixels)价格 Rate (RMB/Day) A顶部通栏 Top Banner90 × 768 jpg、gif
  • 网络加速器

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  • House antitrust committee turns findings on tech CEOs
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    感受5G独特魅力 憧憬未来美好生活 - huanqiu.com:2021-11-21 · 展厅中,一个米粒大小的芯片颇为引人注目。“这是国内首颗5G NR Sub-6GHz n77滤波器芯片,仅1.6×0.8毫米,工作频率在3.3—4.2GHz之间,带宽高达900MHz ...
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  • sub免费网络加速器官网
    Ogier promotes one in Guernsey, hires two in London
  • Latin American Corporate Counsel Association
    感受5G独特魅力 憧憬未来美好生活_物联网频道_中国青年网:2021-11-21 · 展厅中,一个米粒大小的芯片颇为引人注目。“这是国内首颗5G NR Sub-6GHz n77滤波器芯片,仅1.6×0.8毫米,工作频率在3.3—4.2GHz之间,带宽高达900MHz,远超出传统声波滤波器技术的适用范围。”云塔电子联合创始人、首席运营官何军介绍说。
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    Brazil launches US$3 billion scheme for power companies amid pandemic
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    Geoffrey Senogles Opens New Consultancy Practice in Switzerland
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